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Weibu Commercial Display Solution --- U71G-M

Date: 2019-06-24 Source:weibu

With the intelligent city construction develops, and the new technology development of mobile new media, new retail and other new commercial transaction devices, the commercial display equipment is becoming more and more diversified. Among them, small sized commercial display is very popular and are widely applied in nowadays commercial scenarios. The demand for high performance, low power consumption and small sized core motherboard in commercial display industry is greatly increased. Based on the market demand, Weiby ultra-thin board U71G-M intelligent commercial display motherboard, with excellent efficiency, ultra-low energy consumption, as well as a wealth of extended interfaces, has gained high apprise on the markets.



U71G-M motherboard differentiating from other models, adopting ultra-thin board type. With Intel Core i3 - 7100U processor,  U71G-M is mainly designed to control the commercial display device with small size, low power consumption and strong stability. It has remarkable advantages in theses aspects and is an efficient and low-consumption commercial display motherboard solution.



The size is only 170mm * 85mm, which can be easily assembled to a variety of small sized devices, including advertising machine, self-service machine, intelligent retail terminal and other equipment with limited spaces.



Weibu U71G-M is based on 7th generation Intel? Core? KabyLake-U processor, which has significantly improvement on its response speed performance as well as power consumption control aspects. The Intel HD Graphics 620, enabling H.265/H.264 video hardware decoding, 4K HDMI display output, real ultra-high definition visual enjoyment, brings along an enhanced computer experience overall.


1 DDR4 SODIMM memory slot; flexible configuration, maximum installation of 16GB memory; support M.2 (SATA) and SATA III interface hard disk expansion; stronger IO performance and faster data output; Dual Port LVDS 18/24bit video output interface and design HDMI and VGA output, adaptable to a variety of commercial display equipment; In addition, it also has a wealth of extended interfaces, 4 USB3.0 interfaces plus 2 USB2.0 interfaces, which can meet the requirements of various peripherals in the market.


Weibu U71G-M Specifications

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