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"New Era, New Challenge - Empowering & Sharing" Weibu New Year Party of 2019

Date: 2019-06-25 Source:weibu

Of all sounds of all bells —— the most solemn and touching one is the peal which rings out the old yearand rings in the new year. As the new year is around the corner, we gathered together to thank all the Weibu fellows and partners for the era done, and also for the opening one in 2019 and expressed our thankfulness to the perseverance of every people, that Weibu has marked another significant millstone on its history.



Theme as “Empowering & Sharing 2019",  Weibu New Year Party was held at Shenzhen Dayhello International Hotel on January 18, 2019, a day of remembrance, our feast of hope, the first page of our fresh calendar of good resolutions for Weibu people.



To start the eventthe Equity Incentive Ownership Contract Signing Ceremony with the core representatives who made most outstanding contribution in the past for Weibu kicked off the event. The ceremony endowed every contractors with a stronger sense of affirmation as well as that of ownership. In the future, the Equity Incentive owners will definitely make more contributions to the corporate.



Mr. Raymond Huang, the Chairman of Board of Weibu Information Inc. made a warm welcoming opening remark by looking back the past 18 years’ development, and continuing search forward for new technology areas in AI Cloud Computing and Edge Computing of Weibu. Integrating the strong R&D capability of both software and hardware with complete industrial resources, we hold strong belief that Weibu will also achieve excellence in our new developing fields.



Mr. Xingthe CEO of Weibu Information Inc. also made an eloquent speech to express his thankfulness to all and his determination of reform for new opportunities to meet new challenges of worldwide. “The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious. Thus, stay true to our mission, stick the our principle as customer – centered and people-orientedand prepare for it. Said Mr. Xing




Then there came the “Partnership Award Ceremony” section: 


 “The Best Stratigic Partner” 


 " The Excellent Cooperative Service Star ” 


 " The Excellent Technical Support Cooperator ” 

Employee Award Ceremony for  The Most Outstanding Strategic Partners”, Weibu Excellent Staff AwardThe Most Dedicated Staff AwardBest New Talent Award,  Service Star Award,  Technical Innovation AwardTop Sales AwardContinuing Contribution Award… 



The visual feast of artistic performance section was followed with the passionate dance –  Live for Now . The joyful performances are in form of variety, such as: poem-reading, crosstalk, stand-up skits, sketches, songs and dances. All the artistic performances are performed by Weibu employeesgiving out their best blessings for the New Year and throwing full of highlights into the party. 




Last but not least, with the lucky draw gifts and all kinds of cash prizes, the “Lucky Drawn” session has thrown the party to another climax over the night with happiness and surprises.



The New Year Party came to its end full of joyfulllness.

We wish 2019 to be a new year to continure to write our own story. May you be the hero in our story of the new era.

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