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Collaborate and Forge Ahead to Embrace the New IoT Era

Date: 2019-06-26 Source:weibu

When the spring has put a spirit of youth in everything in March, we embraced the arrival of a good old friend, Mr. Lu Yingjie, the IoT Retail PRC Marketing Director from Intel.

Mr. Xing -- the CEO of Weibu and Ms. Wang –IoT business director of Weibu warmly welcomed himand introduced him the current achievements as well as future strategic planning in IoT business field of Weibu.



Forge Ahead facing all the difficulties


It is the best time, and it is the worst time, that challenges and opportunities coexist when facing with many uncertainties of world-wide economy.


Ms. Wang, the IoT business director described that “ Weibu has actually has laid its blueprint for IoT business development back in 2015, that Weibu is aiming at one-stop total solution provider for diverse application fields, such as intelligent education, intelligent conference system, intelligent retail system, edge computing, intelligent transportation and other usage scenarios. At present, Weibu has also reached its cooperating agreement with Alibaba Group.


In the IoT business field, we’re still facing with many challenges, but with our strong R&D capability, We have the confident that everyone steps of progressing is leading to a more firming and delighting future.



Integrated Intel Chierry Trail Z8350 and the Intel Real sense D435 USB3D camera module, with the payment system based on face recognition -- SDK technology from Alibabathis retail solution provides consumers most stable, safe and convenient payment experience.


The Intel Cherry Trail Z8350 CPU has a security token with an identity protection technology that provides a simple tamper-proof method to protect access-to-online client data to prevent them from being attacked and defrauded. Instructions for data encryption and decryption can also be performed quickly and securely, such as performing bulk encryption/ decryption, authentication, random number generation.



We have the confidence. We have the ability.


Mr. Lu expressed his strong recognition for its past achievements and confident about the future for Weibu IoT business. He said:As the vital partner of Intel, Weibu has the richest product lines strongest R&D capability and highest market reputation, and Intel are looking forward to a cooperation relationship of in-depth.



The intelligent retail system & intelligent conference system



Mr. Xing, the CEO of Weibu also expressed that in the coming 5 years, Weibu is ready to invest more talents, and become the most competitive IoT solution provider focusing on China, Southeast Asia, and The Middle East markets.  



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