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Weibu Win The Best IDH of Microsoft in FY19

Date: 2019-09-07 Source:weibu


On July 25th, the Microsoft FY19 Partner Appreciation Dinner was held at the Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai. Microsoft invited Weibu to participate in the event as one of the most important strategic partners. As it is well-known that the annually acknowledged Microsoft's Best IDH of the Year Awards has being received a lot of attention. And again for FY19, Weibu was rewarded as the Best IDH of FY19 of Microsoft on this event. Thus,Weibu has already win this award for two consecutive years.



In the past year,when the trade conflict between China and US increases, the international market environment has become so complicated and unpredictable. Some Intel's chips were out of stock, the economy was sluggish. Under such circumstance, Weibu cooperating even more closely with Microsoft, and implemented integration of industry chain based on the its powerful upstream and downstream resource channels. Weibu provided LOEM manufacturers partners the most excellent and competitive solutions with its unique design scheme, combined with the personalized features of Microsoft Morden PC. It is the idea choice for today's PC consumer market which hold proven excellent results. .


In this year, Weibu seeks transformation and upgrading, it abandons low quality and cheap price policy, and strives to change the PC industry structure through its own product upgrades, leading CTE partners to develop actively, seek breakthroughs and create more opportunities!




Looking forward to the future, Weibu will continue to work closely with Microsoft to bring better solutions to its CTE customers, and integrated with all its partners more closely, and explore more possibilities in areas such as AI, cloud computing, and Internet of Things.






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